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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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sing south and temperatures will slowly drop all night long. morning, a little area of snow that is spreading across iowa will travel along this court -- this cold front. the mechanism for snow and will start around 10 a.m. tomorrow from west to east across the area. the skillful rate will increase and with the air so cold, it will pile up. temperatures into the teens are lower than that of by late tomorrow night. the heaviest snow by noon and 7 p.m. tomorrow. amount, right now we think the best guess for the entire area is four inches to seven inches. there could be a little bit less. we don't get this kind of snowflake very often here. we don't get this commendation too often. -- this combination
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too often. get ready. old man winter is on his way back to town. that so far weay have not received word for any closings tomorrow. school leaders we have spoken to will likely decide sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning. montgomery county in arlington public schools rre scheduled to be closed. we will let you know. >> regardless of whether schools or businesses are open tomorrow, the first responders are always on the job. they were getting ready just like everyone else today. kevin lewis joins our team with coverage from germantown. shift change set for 7 a.m. tomorrow which is right before the white stuff is expected to start coming down. daymen here spent the
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prepping the amulets, fire engine, and ladder trucks for slick roads. stationt short at this as firefighters stopped their rides with shovels and salt. >> it makes everything we do much more difficult. >> snow often covers fire hydrants. -- maxires no change speed 25 miles per hour. >> it is something we are used to dealing with. all 1200 montgomery county school buses will remain parked tomorrow. notsuperintendent is canceling class as tuesday the 21st was already marked down as a teacher in-service day. shovels -- open items at hardware stores across the region a.
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this landscaper shelled out $300 on shovels alone. >> snow means money for me. owners, noaurant payout, just salt to keep his customers safe. radio it willthe be three to five inches tomorrow. >> three to five inches has now morphed into four to seven inches of snow predicted for the greater part of the area tomorrow. theis quiet tonight on three major airports, metro, and ed union station. >> seven is on your side when weather threatens and still ahead, we will look at how this weathered will influence which political party can clear -- controls virginia state senate. the good morning washington team
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will be with you bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4 a.m. -- >> new information is coming in from every county with just released 911 calls giving new ledght to the moment that up to the attack that left two women -- two children dead. is an germantown tonight with more on what these calls reveal. we already know from police accounts that what went on here was an attempted exorcism of some sort in this townhouse. the mother and her friend are charged with murder for killing two of the children and they are charged with attempted murder for the stabbing and injuring of two others. what we learned today about this is that the two women met at a casting off ofe demons was part of regular
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service of but that was done through prayer and dance. these women are telling police that they left that church and formed a group that would be more aggressive with regards to demonic possession and they call themselves the demon assassins. they came to believe that this child was possessed. they started to do their exorcism. they cut the boy with a knife and believe that would remove the demon. according to our sources, the women tell police after they did demonthey believe the jumped into the other children and so they did it to each of the children, one after another. what has been released this afternoon was a couple of 911 calls. the first one, before this incident happened, a neighbor came home and found one of the children outside of the house unattended in a car before he
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made this phone call. >> where are the ladies now? >> they are still chasing me down. they are walking after me. >> do you live around there? >> yes. she is talking to herself. collects shortly after that phone call ended, the police were on the scene. they were here for about a half an hour. this was last thursday night. the police said they never saw the child in the car, they felt like they dealt with the situation. things were calm down. the children seem to be well cared for. the police did call social services and they said they would be there the next morning. another call came in from another neighbor who saw something terrible from outside the house.
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drop my kids to school, i seemed the knife with blood outside. windows open so i don't know if something happened in there. >> our sources are telling us that law enforcement authorities are quitting -- crediting that second phone call for the two children that that aside -- did survived this attack. brad bell, abc 7 news. nation is remembering the impact dr. martin luther king jr. had on america. president obama spent the day preparing meals in northwest washington. hundreds took part in his peace walk along martin luther king jr. avenue. others took their families to see the 30 foot tall memorial to
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dr. memorial on the national mall. about puttingeam together, being one. america aboutk to solving these problems with peaceful ways. that is something we need to take heed to. >> vincent gray joint civil right leaders in a wreath laying at the king memorial. election in two counties will tilt the balance of power for all of virginia. >> new terror concerns ahead of the live bigs and russia that puts u.s. warships on alert. >> a violent
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>> antigovernment protests have turned violent in ukraine. thousands took to the streets in opposition to allow public protests. police faced off with people throwing molotov cocktails. >> in sochi, russia, safety concerns are growing. security forces and u.s. counterterrorism forces believe the several female terrorists may already be in the area.
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on sunday, a video surfaced showing the two men responsible for last month's suicide bombings in russia. the men promised more attacks during the games. the state department issued a travel alert for americans and the pentagon will have ships and aircraft on standby. >> the balance of power in virginia changes on a special election. >> doug hill tells us what to expect with the winter storm headed our way. >> the wizards and the 76ers played. the redskins get another new coach. the internet is blowing up with richard sherman antics. he has a quick tongue.
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pollsless than 12 hours, will open in parts of loudoun and fairfax counties for a special election that could shift the balance of power in virginia. >> the election will go on as scheduled despite the winter storm. jeff goldberg joins us with what is at stake.
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polling places like this will be open tomorrow regardless of how much snow we get in regardless of any possible clue -- school closings. the campaigns are encouraging their supporters to vote early in this election that is being watched closely across the commonwealth. if she wins tomorrow, democrats will likely gain control of the state senate and that is something she reminds voters whenever she has the chance. >> i want to bring the focus back where it belongs -- away from the extreme of the republicans. >> the seat was opened up which includes leesburg, sterling, and herndon. with another win will give governor mcauliffe a majority in the senate. has also brought more
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attention to the race. against theght hard party republicans -- tea party republicans. it backfired to get that shrill and angry with that ad. >> the republican candidate is campaigning against increased tolls on the dulles freeway. todoing everythg they can avoid talking about the issues and demonizing republicans. >> a former republican member of the house has ties with the parties and is running as an independent. >> it will give an alternative to other partisan politics. >> even after tomorrow, the election of 2013 is not done. a recount will be held in the
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special election held for the senate seat in the hampton roads area appeared the democratic candidate one that race by nine votes. it looks like there might be some snow at the polling places. >> and not in the morning. once you get to 9:00 a.m., the snow will start and will get heavier. a lot to share. the morning commute will be dry. it will be cloudy and cold. the evening commute will be snow and snow a -- slow and snowy. it will start from 9 a.m. the temperatures will drop all day on top of all this. the winds will pick up and by tomorrow evening, it will feel like five degrees. winter storm warning in effect for the entire day tomorrow for the entire region.
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this is crazy. this is denver weather. .9 was our high tomorrow will be the winter -- middle of-- the winter. temperatures will be slowly falling. we are down to 39 in hagerstown. everyone will see the temperatures drop probably to the 20's by early tomorrow morning. it is dropping because the next arctic air mass is on the way. it is pushing through detroit now. even colder to the north in canada and we are not going to get way below zero but it is indicative of what is heading this way and that is the arctic front and the steady surge of winds. those winds will increase. we will maximize for the seven inches of snow tomorrow. you can see the snow. that moves out along the arctic front as it passes through late tonight and will intensify.
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our major snowstorms, are blizzards, the big ones come up from the south and we have a long duration as it pulls a lot of atlantic moisture. effect will be the snow and the wind that will be self-limiting instead of getting 18 inches or two feet, we will get four inches to seven inches and maybe a little more. the snow moving in during the morning and by 10 a.m., it should be in the metro area with heavier elements throughout the day. the snow will taper off and and late tomorrow evening and when that happens thomas skies will clr and temperatures will drop into the single numbers with gusty winds. four inches for seven inches is what we are saying. here is what we are seeing so far as far as the possibility of snow totals. nine inches possible in some areas to the north. are looking go, we
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at accumulation somewhere and that for the seven inch rain -- range. snow and falling temperatures tomorrow. >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the washington wizards celebrated martin luther king's birthday today by playing a matinee with the 76ers and the wizards continue to kick it up a notch. they are now .500. that may take you back downtown. spectacular had a outing. almost a triple-double. how about this next play? the dime by beal who put it up for jan vesely. the wizards beat the 76ers, 107-99.
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seattle is going to the super bowl in richard sherman is a terrific corner, but come on, trash talk during a game but attacking a guy after you a cool down emotionally, that is different. richard sherman tipped the final pass away from michael crabtree. the interception by knocking smith ended the game. seattle is a super bowl bound team that here is what gets me sherman made a play but continued to humiliate grand jury -- crabtree. >> he is a mediocre receiver. the best corner of the game with a mediocre receiver, that is what happens. >> i cannot a tv guide. y. he made a good play. not the first time he got under a player skin, not just in the heat of the game. remember last year after the redskins playoff game?
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ame, boy.f a g i am going to punch you. >> whoa, whoa. >> of the performance by peyton manning -- sherman, enough of that. the performance was a classic. broncos beat the 49ers -- and the patriots. he had two touchdowns and no interceptions. he had an incredible performance which that subs another great matchup. the number one offense against the number one defense in the super bowl. the maryland terrapins were playing n.c. state. about maria sharapova. she was upset today. the australian open saw another upset. she loses in three sets.
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serve andled with her had 45 unforced errors and now she follows the serena williams out the gate. jay gruden continues to work on putting a staff together. liard was hired today as the receivers coach.
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>> final look.
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welcome to "world news." toght, olympic threat. the urgent searchen for a woman who may be a black widow suicide bomber. and the new terror tape promising a surprise package. brian ross on the story for us tonight. polar plunge. caught on camera, a man rescued after falling through the ice. and tonight, the new arctic blast about to drive temperatures down below freezing again. and "real money." you told us it's the number one thing you want this year, getting a raise at the office. >> you have to sell. it's about selling. >> tonight, how you do it. and a surprising secret about your boss you should know before you walk in the door.


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